This is a continuation of the series on why some men cheat and the way out of infidelity. Check out previous post please. Another reason for cheating is that some husbands are out rightly not satisfied sexually at home! SEX is a major need of a man. The bible says it is better to marry , than to burn. 1 cor 7:9 . But today, some men are not just burning, they are roasting! When a man is married, and is deprived or starved of good sex, it becomes a big issue. Some women have mastered the art of withholding sex from their husbands and they don’t have a clue, what the man is going through! They think they are punishing him, and it eventually backfires . Let me tell you an open secret; what you are withholding, a thousand bad ladies are ready to offer it for free out there in this day and age! Sometimes , the wife too is not enjoying sex, so she tunes off because the husband is not knowledgeable enough to bring her the desired pleasure , so she is totally disinterested, and she becomes frigid! Also , an average man loves variety, he feels like , how can one be eating the same meal everyday! Rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, ! Cant i also taste something else? So he ‘s tempted to go out. And out there today, there are hot temptations and they are very close by! Women of easy virtue that are ready to open up for anybody, at little or no cost! They are at the workplace, they are online,( Facebook and other social media), on the streets, in fact , these days in places of worship! So they are not just limited to the brothel! And for some of you ladies out there , intentionally seducing another woman’s husband and pretending you don’t know what you are doing, 10,000 bad girls are waiting for your husband also, so you better take heed ! Because life is about sowing and reaping! SolutionIf your wife is not satisfying you sexually, the solution is not extramarital affair! Like a real man that you are, hit the nail on the head and discuss the situation with her! Couples should freely discuss sex between each other! The wife alone is not solely responsible for you to have good sex , it is mutual. Don’t be selfish, have the interest of your partner at heart. Sex is like a sport that you get better with , put in more effort, read good books on it and learn! Pornography is not part of it, it is destructive! What you watch in porn is make-believe; most of the actors are under the influence of drugs and they put up an act because they will be paid. Your partner may not be able to perform to that level, and it becomes a problem. Desist from pornography, it produces sexual pervasion . It is the reason for most sexual abuse cases we have in the society today, don’t even start it, seek help and stop if you have started. Mr. Man, stick to your wife, the bible says in Proverbs 5:15-22, please listen Drink waters out of your own cistern ,and running waters out of your own well. Let your fountains be dispersed abroad, and rivers of waters in the streets. Let them be only your own ,and not strangers ‘with you. Let your fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of your youth. Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy you at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love. And why wilt you, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger? For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he ponders all his goings. His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself ,and he shall be held with the cords of his sins. Some men should consistently read and meditate on the above scriptures prov 5:15-22. Please note it , it will bail your life from destruction! whatever variety you want, you can create it in your wife if the two of you are in agreement and you are dynamic about sex. What exactly are you looking for in another that is not in your dear wife? If you get outside and you meet a woman with double private organ, you will pick race and flee! Some of these temptations you are hanging around can be dangerous! Apart from venereal diseases, there are spiritual implications of having sex with a harlot or harlot figure . The bible says , he that is joined to a harlot is one body; at the point of union, there can be transference of any spirit, so imagine how you can easily harvest demonic problems, because these ladies too are always everywhere changing you guys like clothes. There is so much to loose in having an extramarital affair. By the time those wicked souls are done with some men, the husbands will not even know the way to their homes again. For days , months and years a times, they become trapped under some demonic spells until their destinies are totally destroyed.; all because of momentary pleasure! I know of a particular man that eventually abandoned his wife and children for a young girl who just wanted his money ; he was totally ruined and eventually died of stoke at a tender age. Please, stick to your wife! You have nothing to loose by so doing. To the wives, please listen, when you left your parents house to get married, you must understand that one of the reasons you signed the dotted lines, was to come and have sex! So what exactly is your problem?! Why do you want to use your own hands to destroy your home?! Fight today, quarrel tomorrow; don’t be too petty as a wife, learn to overlook trivial issues and don’t let your joy be consistently stolen that you are always tensed up. Happiness is a choice. Some of you have kept the key of your happiness in somebody else’s hands, collect it back please ! Rejoice in the Lord, and enjoy this man to the fullest. Every time, he pinched me, no sex, he hurt me, no sex, he didn’t talk to me, for how long do you want to continue like this? RELAX! Cool it! Some women are even in a class of their own, their husbands are weekend husbands, and they still starve the man continuously, and allow him to go on into the WILDERNESS, please don’t be foolish. Resolve your conflicts and stop using sex as a weapon of warfare in your home. Prayer is the weapon! Be prayerful , and settle issues on your knees, because we wrestle not against flesh and blood. But also make sure you are sexy, appealing and available for your husband! Stop using your hectic work as an excuse, this is your primary assignment!For the older ones, Stop abandoning your husband because your child gave birth abroad and you want to help out with the baby. Most of these men are still veery active and temptation is around the corner! I know people that travel together for such trip . Great! Some wives, go against their husbands consent and gyrate around the world , leaving their husbands to wander about for so long; why do you want to suddenly destroy what you have built over the years. A word is enough for the wise! Till date , we have discussed two of the reasons why men go into extra marital affair. The first reason is , when they are not regarded, or respected at home, the second is when they don’t enjoy or are starved of sex at home. We will continue with other reasons soon by God’s grace. My heart tells me there are so many reading this passing through this hell of extramarital affair right now, and you are wondering how to come out of it. Let me assure you, it may seem insurmountable and impossible, but the God of the universe can bail you out and change your story. All you need is turn it over to Him and be resolute in your heart on your decision. Mostly you need to speak out to trusted quarters for monitoring. Sexual sin will only thrive in secrecy, the more you cover it, the more it gets worse like a rotttening wound. So , confront it out rightly .Above all you need to dedicate your life to Jesus and be saved. He will breathe anew upon you and strengthen you to overcome. Please say this prayer after me, if you are willing to give your heart to Him. Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you today , acknowledging i am a sinner , and I cannot help myself, I believe you died on the cross for my sake, and God raised you for my justification. come into my life now, become my Lord and savior ., transform my life for good, and make me new, .in Jesus name . Amen. I welcome you into God’s family! I advise you to start reading your bible with enthusiasm from the new testament , to discover who you are in Christ Jesus and see how to live victoriously in life. I pray that you I’ll be supernaturally delivered from the trap of extramarital affair in Jesus name. I break every ungodly relationship in your life and stand against the influences of darkness upon your marriage in the name of Jesus. The rod of the wicked shall not lie upon the lot of the Righteousness, so every wickedness stretched forth to your home is nullified now, in the name of Jesus. Your marriage shall weather the storms of life! And you shall testify of His goodness. I sincerely wish you a blissful home. Bosade Ogunlana