Another reason that pushes some men into extramarital affair is when they have a nagging wife that is never understanding , but insatiable and quarrelsome!When a woman is always complaining. There is nothing her husband does that satisfies her, she is never pleased! Such women make the home unbearable for their spouse.The bible says in Proverbs 21:19Better to live in a wildernessthan with a nagging and hot- tempered wife.! A lot of men want their wives to show them they are appreciated and understand how hard they are working to get things right! They need your affirmation most times. A lot of men cheat to fill an emotional void not necessarily a better looking body or face! Please woman, learn to wink at certain issues that are not “life and death” in the home. Otherwise , you may be perceived as quarrelsome. Not every issue should be debated and do not aim at winning the argument always; your home is not a law court! Also, there is a Yoruba adage that says “ sorry has both male and female”. Even when you want to make your dissatisfaction known, be wise about it. I have never come across a man that loves nagging.Nagging is constantly harassing someone to do something. When you tell a man once, most of them start processing it , even though they may be quiet. As women let’s make the home conducive for our spouses. That man that you are using to “pick your tooth” is hot cake out there for some wicked souls. Be wise.Your husband is work in progress, just like you are. However, this does not imply couples should not truthfully discuss freely within the home, communication is key, but must be rightly carried out. Now to the men: Help your wife , to help you. Most of the time , it is what you give this woman , that she is multiplying back to you. When a woman is starved of tender loving care, she may become edgy . Instead of lavishing love illegally on a strange woman, love on your own wife and lubricate her , to function better as a help meet for you. Tend your own garden no matter how unkept it looks. As you lay your bed, so you will lie on it. There is never a good enough reason why you should cheat on your wife. Let’s work hand in hand to build beautiful, loving homes that our children will be proud of and later reproduce. Receive God’s grace to live right. Say no to infidelity. Remember, reasons why women cheat is loading. Stay tuned. I am Bosade Ogunlana, wishing you a blissful home !#familyimpact#marriage#home#family#notoinfidelity#wedding