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Premarital Counselling May Save Your Marriage

Premarital counselling helps both partners plan together and set realistic goals for their new home. It also helps them to  improve communication skills.  Good premarital Counselling like the one offered at Family Impact Network helps intending couples address issues that may later  lead to divorce after marriage. Many spend so much time and resources on the wedding day  and do little or next to nothing about the marriage preparation itself. It is time to invest wisely into your priceless future.

The importance of these Premarital Counselling sessions cannot be overemphasized.

What Others Have To Say

The practical sessions at the Family Impact Premarital Sessions will prepare you and ensure you both understand the demands of marriage. You will gain wisdom , and knowledge will bring you joy. Planning ahead will protect you, and understanding will guard you.


We looked forward to our counselling sessions. Very practical and enlightening. We learnt how to plan for our marriage and not just the wedding. It is really worth it! Now we have been married for almost a year and we see the importance of the premarital sessions.

 J &L

We had a very turbulent courtship and that was why we opted for premarital counselling. It was a real revelation of our ignorance! We discovered ourselves and understood so many godly principles from the Bible. We are so glad we came across the program. We have been married for some time now and when we look back, it would have been a disaster if we did not go through the premarital counselling sessions.

S & E

The premarital Counselling was a gift from a relative and we have concluded that this is the best wedding gift we received!

Very practical, relatable  sessions, we are so glad we attended the sessions. It was full of discoveries and now happily married for over a year, we are focused and doing well. This is the best gift for intending couples!

Mrs. A

I fondly recall when my aunt recommended you for our counseling sessions. Upon reaching out, your warm welcome made the start of our class delightful. I’m truly grateful to God for the positive impact you’ve had on my marriage.
One aspect I valued was the practicality of the counseling. Your genuine and truthful approach allowed me to express myself without fear, making the sessions seamless.
Your authenticity and commitment to your word were evident. I remember the thoughtful gift you shared 😉, a sweet gesture that stood out from traditional approaches.
The lessons covered all aspects of marriage, which is still helping me in my marriage. Your continued follow-up reflects your dedication, and I’m genuinely thankful for your guidance and support. Blessings to you ma, and I appreciate your teachings. We love you


I’ve learned a lot from you, ma. One significant thing I took away was when you taught me about love languages. Since then, I’ve been replicating it in my marriage. I now know my wife’s love language, and it has greatly helped in strengthening our relationship.
You also imparted valuable lessons on managing finances within the context of marriage, emphasizing the difference from a single man’s approach. Your insight that God is the head of marriage, and following His design, stuck with me. You highlighted the essence of sacrifice in marriage.
I can’t cover all you taught here, but I want to express my gratitude for your guidance through these marital lessons. God bless you, and we love you, ma

"The Premarital Counselling Sessions at Family Impact Network will prepare you for marriage and help you discover each other's personality and plan towards a blissful and purposeful marraige, ensuring you avoid pitfalls and live happily ever after! ."

Bosade Ogunlana
Founder: Family Impact Network

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Juanita Moran
Senior Data Engineer

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Angela Charlton
Relational Branding Coordinator

Family Impact Premarital Counseling

You will gain wisdom , and knowledge will bring you joy. Planning ahad will protect you, and understanding will gaurd you.