Some wives are dying within just because they do not want to speak out and expose unspeakable atrocities their husbands are committing. Some have become psychiatric patients, some with terminal ailments , all because the man in their life has decided to live his life in reckless abandon. Chief amongst the challenges the woman in this age deals with is when the man she is totally sold out to decides to fish in the ocean of infidelity. Have you ever wondered how you will feel if you were to be in your wife’s shoes in this matter??!! Most men cannot take an inch of all the mess they create for their spouse. And a lot make this mess with their brains intact and their eyes wide open ,knowing fully well the old maid at home will pack up their mess each time. What a life! Some even leave their wives to fend alone for the entire family while they cross their legs like they can’t be bothered?!Some men today are not progressing as they should because they are maltreating their wives.According to Malachi 2: 14-15, the Lord Himself is a witness to any maltreatment…Some are stunted in growth because they are sowing the wrong seeds in various quarters. See what the marriage manual says in 1 Peter 3:7“Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.”. Is this the legacy we want to live for the upcoming generation? Looking back at how you are living as a spouse , are you really proud of your actions? What will be said of you when you are long gone?I know there are struggles here are there due to dysfunctional backgrounds; addictions, porn, etc but please seek help as this is available in no small measure in this dispensation. Can we call ourselves to a round table conference and retrace our steps?Can we decide within ourselves to be better husbands, better fathers, better spouses?Can we make up our minds to be a source of love, strength and hope to our families especially our wives?Forming tough is not a virtueInability to say sorry when wrong is only a sign of crudeness Many women came into marriage gentle, expectant and excited. Unfortunately several have now become wild due to horrible treatment they get at home. ( Although as a good wife, you should be proactive ,not reactive!)Take a good look at your own wife: what have you turned her into? I know you will say it’s her decision, remember she was handed over to you to tend and keep. This woman is designed to give you joy and support; help her play her role by loving on her and caring for her wholeheartedly. The marriage manual’s recommendation is to treat her like your own body. Eph5:28-29If you were like this when wooing her , you certainly know she won’t come along. Some wives are so starved of tender loving care , they don’t even know what it feels like anymore. Some never get touched at all by their husbands except it’s time for sex. Some cannot remember the last time they heard the word “ I love you” from their husbands , yet they are not widows!Ha! Men arise!Arise and play your God given role in your home as priest and father of all. Arise and help her blossom and flourish in your vineyardArise and cultivate this your God given garden and stop playing the blame game. After all, the mantle of leadership is right on your shoulders , so great responsibility resides with you. Arise and hand over the correct baton to the next generationOh men, ARISE! #familyimpact#formenonly#marriage#home#family#wedding #fa