Marriage Rejuvenate


This Rejuvenate Marriage Retreat will leave you both supple and willing to love on each other afresh!
Here is a review from the last one:
” It was an awesome time of learning, relearning and unlearning several things we have taken for granted or had a vague knowledge of.
The course was intensive, touching all the major aspect of our marriage. Thoroughly going through the course will solve any marital issue and get it on an upward movement.
From strenghtening our connection as couples, to the art of Communication, planning date night just to talk and deepen our connection and intimacy. We learnt about Resolving Conflict and healthy ways to resolve and talk about our hurts. We learnt forgiveness, being vulnerable to each other, accepting each other’s differences, getting to know one another on an intimate level, knowing and speaking each other’s love language and so many other things are some of the things I learnt.
The impact of the course is life transforming!
The ambience was cosy and the hospitality was awesome with so much to eat and drink at almost every time. I left the Marriage Rejuvenation with a greater determination to make my marriage what it is meant to be.
Thank you so much for making the Marriage Rejuvenation course a reality. May the Lord reward you in unimaginable ways in Jesus name.”
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Ibadan Edition

Lagos Edition