The bible says comparison is not wise! Let your own focus be on how you can get better and have a better home that will be a great example to your generation. You may not be there yet, keep taking each baby step towards the right direction, doggedly, not giving up. In no time, you will get to your desired destination if you faint not. You cannot afford to believe all you see around you in people’s homes. Everybody puts out their best foot, especially on social media: you will rarely see couples post their picture or story when they fight or have a misunderstanding. Yet you see them hug and kiss and think that is how they are, 24/7! Then you feel depressed your spouse is not like and keep looking down on your partner.Please focus on tending your own garden, lest you give yourself a heartache over nothing. Appreciate the virtues you see in your spouse now and encourage one another to get better.Carefully go through the marriage manual; the bible and follow the principles therein.Vere soon , your home will be your dream come true, that will bring glory to God!I am BosadecOgunlana, wishing you a blissful home as you stay focused!#familyimpactdailybiblemeditation#familyimpact#family#home#marriage#relationship