As a marriage counselor, my ears are full! Adultery is a raging storm that must be stopped in the body of Christ. Let’s even leave those outside the fold for now. Why will you who has received the power to become a child of the most high still fall prey of this shame?!
A lot of times, God’s children are too naive, there are some things that answer only to speaking in tongues , fastings and other spiritual exercise. When it comes to sexual immorality, in addition to the above, the solution is FLEE from whatever looks like it! The bible says flee from every appearance of evil. Never be too close for comfort with the opposite sex, you are not a robot, fresh blood flows in your veins, you cannot sit near fire and not get burnt!
Please warn your neighbour , share this and let us sanitize our Father’s fold from this disgraceful siege. Many ought to have moved farther in life, but jeopardize destiny on the altar of adultery. Village people are not your problem at all ooo, it is this immorality demon, so read through Proverbs 5 and get sense. God is a merciful God , but remember He hates sin. You are reading this so you can amend your ways. Both husband and wife, married and single, let us all commit to a life of honour that brings glory to our Lord! You can ! #notoimmorality #familyimpactdailybiblemeditation