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Individual Therapy

Are you afraid of the future or lonely and confused and you need someone to counsel with you?

Couples Therapy

Have you been having issues with your spouse in your marriage and you have tried resolving it on your own to no avail?

Group Therapy

We organize intensive sessions for couples in groups to reinforce their marriages and build healthier homes and happier families.

Hello! I’m Bosade Ogunlana

Certified Relationship Coach/ Marriage Counselor

Founder, Family Impact Network

Bosade Ogunlana is a dynamic multifaceted nation builder who is passionate about helping communities and families thrive better. Called to help marriages flourish, she has been  sent forth to liberate those in marital bondage  and mentors several families. With her husband’s support, she founded the Family Impact Network, a not for profit organization where many are trained to build great homes through various platforms across the globe and help families thrive better. She is the publisher of Family Impact Magazine. A sought after conference speaker and she is happily married to her hearthrob, Gbade Ogunlana. They are blessed with lovely children.

Our Expertise

Stress, Anxiety, Addiction, & Depression

If you are going through stress, anxiety  or depression , you may need to see a specialist. There are certain habits and misbehaviour too that you or your loved one is struggling with. It may even be sexual misbehaviors that has eaten deep through the years. This is an adddiction and there is help for you here.

 Premarital Counseling

We believe that the foundation of a good home starts with how well informed you are. The more you know, the more you grow, the better your home will be all things being equal. We offer full premarital counseling course for intending couples who wish to have blissful marriages.

Couples Counseling

Married couples sometimes find themselves in a situation where they are unable to resolve their conflicts amicably. This is where we come in to offer godly professional counsel.

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   Our Approach

We believe that marriage is intented for bliss . It can be sweet and enjoyable depending on what you know and apply. At family Impact Network, we make available resources to help you build a successful home and leave a good legacy for generations to come.  We also organize various physical and virtual marriage enrichment programs and groups to help marriages thrive better. When couples are stuck, we provide support through professional  counseling services. Our premarital counseling are available physically and virtually.

When your marriage is blissful, our joy is full!


"My wife and I have been married for 9+ years. But we were having serious issues. The counseling session at Family Impact was so helpful that we now know what causes the arguments and are better enlightened to handle them. Grateful

Tope & Kate – Couple: Age 42 & 40

"A couple i have always pacified from separating saw a copy of the first edition of Family Impact Magazine in my office and that marked the end of their incessant fights. Thank God for this ministry!"

Dave: Age 50

"I was introduced to Family Impact Platform by a friend. My home was almost shattered before then. But we have both learnt a lot now, through the various teachings and discussions on the platform and we are enjoying ourselves better now and we made good friends with others!"

Jane – wife & Mother: Age 46

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Impact Network all about?

Family Impact Network is a faith based non-governmental organization with a mission to help couples and intending couples build healthy, happy and purpose-driven families. 

Is Family Impact a religious organization and what denomination.?

Family Impact Network is a faith based non-governmental organization that uses  biblical principles to help couples and intending couples build healthy , happy and purpose-driven families. It is not denominational

During counseling session is my personal issue treated with utmost privacy ?

Yes. Every information is treated with uttermost privacy.

Do I have to appear physically for counseling session(s)?

No please. Online sessions are also available.

How much do I pay for counseling sessions?

 This is determined after your first appointment

Do i need to come for counselling with my partner?

It may be necessary, depending on the situation at hand.


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